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We've made it easy and convenient to order your prescriptions online for delivery or pick up at your local Cub. Some restrictions apply.

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Cub Pharmacy® has the prescription for peace of mind to meet your pharmacy needs. We accept virtually all insurance plans (except restricted networks). With our interpretive telephone services, your pharmacist can communicate in over 150 languages to help you order your prescription.

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In-Store Health Programs

Take steps toward a healthier you. Besides filling prescriptions, we offer health services right in our pharmacies. Vaccines are not just for children. Ask your Cub Pharmacist which adult vaccines are right for you and when you should get them.

Health Screenings

Cub Pharmacies® offer health screenings for A1C, cholesterol (full lipid) and blood glucose. Schedule a screening at your local Cub Pharmacy®.

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Adult Immunizations

Our award-winning Adult Immunization Program has helped thousands of adults prevent diseases before they start. We offer vaccines to protect you against the flu, shingles, pneumonia, tetanus, meningitis and more.

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Diabetes Care

Healthy living with diabetes requires a balanced diet, regular exercise, stress relief and confidence in your medications. Our speciality trained pharmacists offer a number of services to help people living with diabetes get the education and tools they need to safely manage the condition.

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Tools for Living Healthy with my Diabetes